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What should NEST build next? An alarm clock, please.

19 Jan
What should Nest build next?

Alarm Clock + Nest = Love

Just a few hours after the announcement of the acquisition by Google, designers and experts worldwide were tweeting and blogging, as usual: there is no time to loose when a news hits worldwide geekness. @jonathanstark was asking the question on Twitter: What should Nest build NEXT? and the usual locks, fridge controller, etc. came out. Now, if there is something I have personally learned from Nest is that when of the smart/connected home you do not have to think of new&crazy appliances (like the home automation fans, and the industry have been doing for years): start by re-imagining the old and basic like a thermostat, and a smoke detector!

Nest has proven this is possible, valuable, and a lot easier to sell.

So what shall Nest build next? An alarm clock, I say. Yes, that old device that is currently being put out of existence by our phones.  I believe the alarm clock has its place in our homes, should get along with our phones, and with the other devices in the house. I do not have a fancy, appropriate name for this Nest Alarm Clock, but here is how it might work:

“It is finally time to go to bed, I play one last time with my phone, adjust the time I want to wake up and drop the phone on the dock of the (Nest) Alarm Clock. The small appliance looks great, Dieter Rams is proud of it. The Alarm Clock syncs with the phone’s alarm clock data, it will charge the phone during the night, then wake me up with its crystal-clear sound using the sound or tune I setup in my phone. I sincerely love its soft-lit big button to snooze it, when slowly awakening. Time to get up, alas: I remove the (fully charged) phone from the dock and the alarm stops, this time for real.”

Nice, lovely product: it will also filter calls, messages and notifications during the night, automagically letting through only certain numbers or alerts, using its night-friendly display to pop up the notifications and calls, and of course the time and, why not, the temperature maybe. Wait, what?

Sure, if you have a Nest Thermostat it will get along with the Alarm Clock, exchange data to improve temperature settings, and more. Obviously, do not forget to connect it with the Nest Protect: should the alert trigger, the Alarm Clock will convey, as gently as possible, the message that yes, there might be a serious problem and you must get up, now!

Finally, you can ask it (her?) to track your sleep too, and it might post your achievements to Google+ without you knowing, but wouldn’t you buy the Nest Alarm Clock right away?

I would.