Inspiration and disillusion at Better Software, Firenze 2010

24 May

Better Software is a great italian conference at its second editon now. Better Software is about software development and project management, web and mobile, agile, startups, open source and making better software in general; it is an event Italy really needed, in fact.

At the conference, that gathered more than 350 people this year, I presented a different approach in web project management on an early-morning talk: Unconventional tools and tecniques for project managers.

The talk comes maily from some experiences in managing international projects, where we (myself and the Team, of course) have focused on getting more effective in improving overall quality also by adopting this less formal but more
powerful approach: creativity.
are available on Slideshare (

Beside my talk I’d like to share my personal notes and opinions on the event itself: first of all it has been inspiring!

There are talents in Italy, incredible persons.just a banner: Be so good they can't ignore you

I really enjoyed and got inpired by Leandro ( both from  stage and after (chatting about startups and self-tracking) and Giacomo Guillizzoni ( which has deeply inspired almost all participants to the conference: the hint? “Be so good they can’t ignore you“. Morever he gave on stage one of the best representations of an “overnight success after ten years”.

Ciccarelli (working at the showing horribly wrong dashboards and giving great hints on data visualization, Andrea Provaglio ( on systemic approach to the organization and Andrea Santagata ( on statups in Italy.

Content-wise I really appreciated Luca Mascaro ( on UX Agile Design (whose workshop I attended last year), Alberto Brandolini ( especially on the part on education and, last but not least, Fabio Castronuovo, not only for some great new elements for project management but also for the insight on Jazz :-)

And of course I need to thank all friends (including the incredible Develer Team, the organizer of the conference), colleagues and new great new people I met at the conference!

Then came also disillusion.

Francesco Cirillo ( gave me the hint and I realized (again?) that in Italy there is still very little knowledge of agile, very little interest for quality in software, especially in web software, and I’m afraid also very little attention to UX. There are incredible persons in Italy and a widespread mediocrity.

Moreover: Leandro and other “veterans” confirmed that NO, I can’t make such a startup as Miomood in Italy (in Italian: noncelapossofarcela!). Let’s say that the probability lowers from 1:50.000 to 1:1.000.000.

It’s time to take some more risk…


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