Thank you Mr. Janus Boye

22 Nov

I’ve been there… and it’s all true: the JBoye conference is addictive.

Graham Oakes, a friend and a guide for me, told me not to miss the JBoye conference, that he (as many others) consider as the best worldwide CMS conference. So I planned my trip and after last preparations for the World Plone Day, which was unfortunately the same week, I took the plane to Aarhus, Denmark.

The amazing volunteers at the J.Boye conference.

The amazing volunteers at the J.Boye conference.

The city itself is very nice but the welcome evening was even better: Mr. Janus is an excellent host, personally welcoming his guests and remembering details of everyone (he tagged me with the keyword “Plone”, of course). The whole conference was perfectly organized: friendly, with lots of occations for networking, every detail taken care of, and probably the best food I’ve ever had at a conference.

The tracks, talks and keynotes I attended where excellent. A real benchmark for the whole CMS industry. In particular I appreciated an excellent open debate on Social Software by Tony Byrne, the networking (across and beyond the organisation) by Bjørn Guldager and the case studies of “killer” intranets by Toby Ward.

At the social dinner I also had the chance to sit next to Tony Byrne, who managed to surprise me on how deep understanding one person can have of the extremely complex CMS landscape. I also met Jim Hobart, a (uber) user interface design consultant (internationally recognized, yes, but I did not recognise him at first).

With them and many other people I could discuss about the future of CMS and trends in the market, about interesting user scenarios and … Plone. In fact I was the only Plone evangelist at the conference and I really did enjoy to discuss “where-Plone-is-heading” and some of my favourites and evergreen stories about Plone.

Seth Gottlieb (Content Here) was there, we already met, at the Plone Strategic Summit in California; he told me “believe me, this conference is addictive”. He is right.

Last but not least Mr. Janus invited me to submit a talk on Plone at the next year conference: I think it’s a great opportunity for Plone to show up and be more visibile. And believe me, after a full immertion in the CMS world the feeling is once again that Plone is a great CMS, especially in regards of usability (present and future), key factor for the success of any CMS project.

The conference has motivated me to tell the world how Plone can be interesting and to tell the Plone community that Plone still need to evolve and grow. A lot.


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